What do you do when you have more ideas than you know what to do with? Keep them secret and save them for when the time is right? Hire someone to realize them for you? Or share them with the world and hope that they will develop into something great or at least teach you something new?

Not Stealth is the latter approach. Great ideas are more products of their time (and so have a limited shelf life) than they are products of our individual genius (and so they needn't be secret). They are also too plentiful for us to pursue them all, but together we can pick the winners and losers, learn from them, and perhaps see a few come to fruition.

Not Stealth is:

Michael Keating - Entrepreneur, environmentalist, and brainstormer, Michael is a classic ENTP with graduate training in design and business from Harvard who currently spends almost all of his time running Scoot. Michael believes that the Internet, in its unique ability to disseminate and enable disruptive ideas, can save the planet. @mbkeating

David A. Levine - Investor, entrepreneur and believer, David currently spends his days (and nights) building Artivest. David has a strong intuition for technological and macroeconomic trends and believes that by enabling innovators, we can eliminate barriers that stand in the way of a better world.